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A Newbie's Garden Experiment

School Garden Salad

on April 21, 2013

The weather in Southern California is pretty fantastic, so we decided to celebrate it with a salad.


  1. Tangerine slices (left over fruit from school  breakfast)
  2. Strawberries from the garden
  3. Lettuce from the garden
  4. Carrots from the garden
  5. Nasturtium flowers from the garden
  6. Salad dressing made from  tangerine juice and pinch of salt


Our school has a “breakfast in the classroom” program. We keep uneaten fruit to slice up in our Friday salads. The students really enjoy the sweetness with the leafy greens. We have tried apples and pears and this time tangerines.

Peeled tangerines to sweeten the salad

Peeled tangerines to sweeten the salad

We made a sign to make sure we would have ripe strawberries.  The delicious strawberry smell from that one little box is quite tempting.

In preparation for the salad.

In preparation for the salad.

The ingredients are a little bit different every time we make a salad depending on what’s growing.  No radishes this time but we did have carrots. The kids were also fascinated with the idea of eating the nasturtium flowers.

Students collecting ingredients for the salad

Students collecting ingredients for the salad

Students love picking food they grow themselves.  Sometimes I see them after school giving their parents tours of their garden.

The harvest

The harvest

The kids wrote in their garden journal while I prepared the salad.  After all that hard work, we finally got to eat it! This  particular salad was very well received.  Many asked for seconds and very little of it ended in the trash.  One small victory for veggies and fruit.

Garden Salad

School Garden Salad


5 responses to “School Garden Salad

  1. Where and how do you prepare the salad?

    • marislunch says:

      Each classroom has a sink. We wash everything there and dry it using a salad spinner. We have a large empty desk used for group work that serves as our kitchen work station too. From home I bring plastic cutting boards, bowls, cutting knife, and anything else we might need. It’s not the ideal way to work but it’s working for now. We would love to have a teaching kitchen area. It’s on our list of things to buy when we win the lottery.

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